What stomach pain in children indicates?

stomach pain in children

Stomach pain is the most common pain which is usually experienced by entire human race at least once in their lives. The main cause of stomach pain is the infection in the small intestine. Normally children do complain to their parents in this concern and parents bring their children to a health care professional from time to time. It is challenging to both parents and the doctor to diagnose it.

There are several causes of stomach pain in children like


stomach InfectionThe viruses and bacteria cause digestive infection and affect the functioning of the digestive system which causes stomach pain. It is also known as stomach flu or gut flu which infects the children during their growing periods.

Food Related:

Other common factors which cause stomach pain are food poisoning, food allergies and eating excess amounts of food may cause discomfort for your child.


Poison may enter in your child’s body by eating soap and swallowing of iron pills or an overdose of medications. It also results in severe stomach pain.

Surgical problem or Medical causes:

These problems result in abdominal pain include appendicitis and blockage of the bowel.

Symptoms of stomach pain

Parents need to diagnose whether a complaint needs emergency care or not. Due to these causes, your children may face many severe symptoms such as

Duration of the pain:

stomach pain imageSimple causes of abdominal pain do not last very long. Usually, the gastric pain goes within 24 hours.

Location of the pain:

The simple stomach pains are located in the center of the abdomen. And the pain in other areas is more concerning.


Children frequently vomit with stomach pain, but it is not the serious issue. If your child is vomiting for longer than 24 hours, you need to treat it on time otherwise, it becomes severe later.


DiarrheaDiarrhea is very common with stomach pain. Bacteria are responsible for diarrhea and causes infection in your tummy. It is associated with vomiting which leads to dehydration in the body.

Often this infection is associated with other gastrointestinal symptoms such as cramps and nausea. Along with this, children may also experience groin pain (in boys), fever, urinary problems, and rashes.

The parents must be observant and need to cure the problem of stomach pain in their children. To prevent your loved one from suffering from stomach pain you need to make changes in their daily routine and introduce them with health habits and personal hygiene. Make your children come closer to nature by using natural products which may boost up the immune system naturally and your children will not face stomach pain in future again.