Is a dry cough bothering not letting your baby breathe? Try these natural remedies

Cough in children

Winter is an enjoyable season but along with the fun, it brings infection like common cold, cough, stuffy nose, chest congestion in babies and kids. These symptoms are generated due to cold weather which triggers breathing difficulties in babies. Winter season become more infectious to babies and kids because in winter the viruses and bacteria become more active and infects the entire human race.

When our respiratory system gets irritated by an external factor like dust, bacteria, virus etc, it gets inflamed. Then it produces thick mucus to soothe the irritation and ensure that it will go out by coughing and sneezing. There are several factors which cause congestion in babies and kids.

Cause of congestion in babies and kids

Common coldCommon cold:

It is the most familiar factor which leads to chest congestion. It supports mucus to form in the throat and nose drains to the chest which leads to congestion in chest.


Low immunity:

The immune system of babies is very sensitive or immature to fight germs causing infection. When they come in contact with those who have a respiratory disorder, the virus can find its way to the babies from them and that will lead to chest congestion.

The signs and symptoms of chest congestion in babies are

  • It causes difficulty in breathing.
  • Low or mild fever.
  • Fussy towards food.
  • Difficulty in sleeping.


Home Remedy for Dry Cough

If your baby is suffering from above-mentioned symptoms, you should follow these proven home remedies. It will work for your baby and make him or her free from this infection.

Ajwain and garlic pouch:

ajwain and garlicYou can make a pouch of dry roasted garlic and ajwain (carom seeds). Rub the baby’s chest or under the feet with this pouch frequently, it will reduce the congestion levels.

Frequent nursing:

Mother’s milk is the best solution to all the ailments of your little baby. If your baby is below 6 months, you should avoid the use of counter drugs and use home remedies that involve external application.

Raise the head of your baby while sleeping:

Raise the head of your baby while sleepingAlways keep in mind to elevate the baby’s head while sleeping and breastfeeding. It will help to drain out the mucus from nose and chest relieving baby from congestion.


By adopting these simple practices you may help out your baby to breathe freely without any congestion and boost up child’s immunity level to fight this infection.