How to keep the children disease free with kumar kalyan ras (SW.MO.YU.)?

child healthOne of the main concerns of all parents is how to maintain their child’s health? All parents want that their child lives a healthy and disease-free life. The question is how to make your children healthy and happy. The answer is Ayurveda. Yes, Ayurveda can help your children to live a healthy life. Ayurveda and nature are the precious gifts for us that have the ability to cure the diseases from the roots as well as give a healthy life.

Today, we come here with an astonishing ayurvedic medicine from the huge treasure of Ayurveda. Kumar Kalyan Ras is one of the effective ayurvedic medicines especially used for the health issues related to children. If your child often suffers from common cold, cough, fever, diarrhea and other health issues, Kumar Kalyan Ras can help to cure these health issues from the roots. Let’s see the health benefits of Kumar Kalyan Ras for children.

Kumar Kalyan Ras for Children

kumarkalyanrasKumar Kalyan Ras for children is one of the best ayurvedic medicines that are used for various health purposes. This ayurvedic medicine can make your child diseases-free. Kumar Kalyan Ras for children is used for fever, breathing troubles, persistent cough, jaundice, loss of appetite, weakness of bones, rickets, underweight and congenital heart diseases.

Ancient ayurvedic physicians have formulated Kumar Kalyan Ras in such a way that it can be beneficial for all diseases occurring in infants and children. It is effective for all parts of the body of the children such as heart, lungs, liver, bones, muscles, and brain etc. The good thing is that this ayurvedic medicine helps to balance all three doshas that are vata, pitta and kapha in the body. It helps to provide strength to the body and also increase mental awareness and alertness in the children.

Kumar Kalyan Ras also helps to boost the immune system which helps to fight off infections and diseases. Kumar Kalyan Ras helps to cure digestive problems, physical and nervine weakness, recurrent fever, anemia, loss of appetite, jaundice weakness of bones, rickets and persistent cough. These are the common health benefits of Kumar Kalyan Ras. Now, let’s see how it is helpful in different health issues.


cold, cough and feverKumar Kalyan Ras is one of the best ayurvedic medicines for treating common fever, viral fever and even typhoid in the children. It helps to lower down the body high temperature and also combat the weakness of the body. In case of fever, you can give this ayurvedic medicine with honey or milk to your child. This will show some positive results within some time.

Respiratory Problems

Respiratory-ProblemssRespiratory problems are more common in children and infants. Children often suffer from cold, cough, sore throat, tonsils and bronchitis in the winter season. For those children, Kumar Kalyan Ras is highly beneficial. Kumar Kalyan Ras helps to improve immunity and build immunity against several bacteria and viruses which ultimately protects from infections. In such case, you can use Kumar Kalyan Ras with sitophaldi churna and honey to get some maximum health benefits.

General Weakness

physical weaknessKumar Kalyan Ras is highly beneficial in general physical weakness and debility. It helps to improve digestion and appetite so whatever your child, he/she gets all the possible nutrients from it. For combating weakness and general debility, you can use arvindasava with Kumar Kalyan Ras.

Kumar Kalyan Ras or other ayurvedic medicines are completely safe for your health. This is because they are prepared from several natural ingredients which make them a potent safe and effective ayurvedic medicines. Kumar Kalyan Ras also consists of several natural ingredients such as swarm bhasma, abhrak bhasma, loha bhasma and ras sindoor. All these herbs have unique medicinal properties which are helpful for children health.


dosage of tablet 1-2Above, we have discussed all the possible health benefits of Kumar Kalyan Ras for children. Now, if you are thinking how to give this medicine to your child, here is the dosage. It is better to consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting this ayurvedic medicine. Well, the recommended dosage of Kumar Kalyan Ras for infants is a half tablet with milk and for children, it is 1-2 tablets with honey or milk.

So, try this ayurvedic medicine and make your children happy and healthy.