How to Cure Bedwetting with Natural Remedies?



Bedwetting or “Nocturnal enuresis” is a process when the person, unintentional and unconsciously do urination in bed while sleeping. Although, it is a matter related to the infants and kids, but, it can happen to people of any age group. This is a common condition if said about the age till 3-5 years. But, if someone is a victim of it beyond that age limit, it becomes a matter of frustration and embarrassment. More often the child, or you can also say a teenager, gets scolded and warned by his mother saying not to do it again, right? But, is it the real solution? Can scolding solve the issue? If it were, it would have shown its influence earlier. Then, what is the solution?

Well, that is what we are going to tell you today. Let’s give you a hint that the options are again in the form of natural remedies which will be both effective as well as inexpensive. But, before that, you need to understand that if bedwetting is unintentional, there must be some causes leading to the same. If you think that only nightmares or drinking water before going to bed or laziness are the reasons behind this, you are mistaken over this point. Yes, there are plenty of other reasons responsible for bedwetting. These are:

  • Comparatively small bladder or slower development of the nerve that controls and instructs bladder to pass urine. This may be a major reason behind the embarrassing situation.
  • Stress and hormonal imbalance may be the next reasons for bedwetting.
  • The other causes may include infection of urinary tract, sleep apnea, acute constipation, diabetes, use of diuretics and excessive production of urine.


Now, I hope you have understood that what you were thinking a habit is actually a health or mind problem. Yeah, I agree that some of you must already have tried a number of cures to prevent your child from doing bedwetting, but, all in vein.  Don’t worry, Bedwetting is not a problem to get tensed about and there is always a solution for every problem. If you say about nature, it always has a solution hidden in its heart. We just require searching for the same.

We are here today to solve your trouble with the help of natural remedies that may seem ordinary to you but can be effective more than anything else. Let’s talk about some of the natural remedies that can help your child get rid of bedwetting without much effort:

 1. Walnuts and Raisins Walnuts-And-Raisins

Yummy walnuts and raisins for bedwetting! Fabulous! These tasty dry fruits are the favorite of almost every child. What one requires worrying about if they are going to solve your trouble? Of course, nothing to worry about. Well, that’s good, but, how to use these yummy dry-fruits to prevent bedwetting? No much effort, just give a handful of these to your child before he/she is going to bed. It has to be continued till a few months until you get some positive results.

 2. Olive Oil OLIVE-oil-

This readily available kitchen ingredient can do a lot good to you. What you require doing is to heat some olive oil and massage it gently over and around the lower abdomen of your child. This will prevent your child from doing urination in bed.

3. Indian Gooseberry gossebery

You must be familiar with “amla”. It is said that one must eat an amla per day to resolve many of the health issues. Did you know that this ingredient is an amazing ayurvedic remedy for bedwetting too? Yes, this is the beauty of natural remedies that they can give us more than our expectations. Here, you need to crush and two gooseberries removing their seeds and add one tablespoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric to it. Give this mixture to your child every morning.

4. Cinnamon Cinnamon

Cinnamon or “dalcheeni” is the simplest home remedy you can apply to protect your child from doing urination in bed. This remedy will have great considerable effects on your child. You need to have your child chew one cinnamon stick thoroughly per day. Otherwise, you can also add some sugar to the cinnamon powder and then sprinkle it on your child’s buttered toast. Give him this toast every morning in breakfast. This remedy will prevent you child from the unconscious activity as it is known to keep the body warm.

5. Cranberry Juice Heart_Health_Image

This remedy is highly recommended for the children with bedwetting problem as this is claimed to be very good for bladder and urinary tract. Give your child one cup of fresh cranberry juice to your child one hour before he/she goes to bed. It may seem to be a surprising option for you because it is always denied to give some liquid to children before going to bed, but, following this remedy for next few weeks is surely going to solve your issue. If there is the issue of urinary infection, give a half cup of cranberry juice to your child thrice a day.

The best part of these natural remedies is that they are always readily available in your kitchen or nearby stores. You also must not be in favor of visiting your doctor for such an embarrassing issue. And of course, here also you’ll be getting a long prescription of antivirals which is not going to be proved as a solution you had been searching for. The natural remedies can heal you in the best effective manner or at least far better than the antivirals. Next good they can do to you is the way they treat you, i.e. without side-effects. The natural remedies are safe to use and need not to be taken for a long duration. Even if in some case, you require following these for the long term, they are only going to benefit you by boosting your immune system and solving relevant health issues. This is the reason why the whole world has now turned the way towards the natural remedies. Although, they work slow, but, they work excellent.

But, only taking natural remedies for sake is not the solution. You need to take care of proper method of their intake as well as the consistency and do some extra efforts in the form of regular exercises recommended for the same so as to keep the health problem at a bay.