How is Harital (Godanti) Bhasma useful for children and women?

Ayurveda has been practicing all around the world for thousands of years. Ayurvedic medicines are one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. The history of Ayurveda is more than 3000 years old. Ayurveda is based on the belief that health and wellness of the human beings depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. The main goal of the ayurvedic medicines is to promote good health and fight off the diseases.

ayurveda for healthOne of the effective ayurvedic medicines for children and women is harital (godanti) bhasma. This is really useful for children and women. It is a mineral based ayurvedic medicine that is prepared from the gypsum. It is rich in natural calcium and sulfur content. Harital bhasma is beneficial for the high-grade fever, chronic fever, excessive uterine bleeding, non-productive cough, malaria, vaginitis and bleeding disorders. Ayurvedic practitioners also use this godanti bhasma for high blood pressure, headache due to hypertension, constipation, indigestion, low bone mineral density, cough and asthma.

Calcium and sulfur present in godanti bhasma are beneficial for children and women in a lot of ways. Let’s check how calcium and sulfur make godanti bhasma for children and women- a useful Ayurvedic medicine.


Symbol for the chemical element calciumCalcium is an essential nutrient for your body. Too little calcium can weaken your bones. It is essential for the growth and maintenance of your bones and teeth. It also keeps your heart, muscles and nerve in top-notch shape. When the calcium is absorbed into your body, it is transferred to your bones with the help of vitamin D.  Calcium deficiency in children and women can cause a number of health issues such as brittle nails, insomnia, muscles cramps and hypertension. Calcium makes your bones strong and also helps in the growth of children. Women’s body starts losing calcium after 30s, so calcium intake through godanti bhasma fulfill the requirement of calcium in women.


SSulphur-ulfur is also an essential nutrient for the development of children and women. Harital (godanti) for children and women is the best ayurvedic medicine which is rich in sulfur nutrient. Sulfur is often recommended for the woman who experiences the several health problems like depression, memory problems and general irritability related to menopause. For pre-menstrual syndrome and painful irregular menstruation, doctor prescribes the 6C dose of sulfur to women. It also recommended for the children who experience temper tantrums, general irritability and who commonly dislike to put on the bed. So, sulfur is really beneficial for children and women.

Harital (godanti) for children and women is the best ayurvedic medicine that contains calcium and sulfur. Both of the nutrients are essential for children and women. The preparation of hartial (godanti) for children and women benefits contains the following steps.

  • Purification of gypsum.
  • After purification, grinding and pulverizing to make a fine powder of gypsum.
  • Grinding and triturating the gypsum powder with aloe Vera juice and then make small and thin cakes.
  • Heating and calcining the thin cakes in earthen pots under a high temperature around 200 to 500 degree Celsius.

godantiHartial (godanti) for children and women has several beneficial properties such as antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, calcium and sulfur supplements. This natural or ayurvedic medicine is beneficial for treating a number of health issues such as fever, typhoid, headache, hypocalcaemia, leucorrhea and vaginitis. Godanti bhasma can be given to every patient to lower the body temperature. Godanti bhasma is also prepared from the juice of neem leaves which is really beneficial in typhoid fever. It is also beneficial in the chronic phase of typhoid fever when the patient has low-grade fever. In women, it helps in reducing the white discharge and inflammation of women reproductive organs.

Hartial (godanti) for children and women is one of the beneficial ayurvedic medicines that can cure a number of health issues. If you are suffering from the common cold, fever, headache, constipation, indigestion, stomach infection or any other health problem, harital bhasma is the best ayurvedic medicine for you. The regular and accurate dosage of the harital bhasma can cure your health problem easily and give you a healthy body. You need to consult your doctor before start using this ayurvedic medicine. Women and children both can take this ayurvedic medicine and get benefits of it.