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health is wealthYou probably heard a line- the greatest wealth is health. This line is so inspirational. Some of us start thinking about the ways how we can make ourselves healthy after reading this. But, only thinking is enough to make ourselves healthy? Don’t you think that we have to make some efforts for that? See, without doing efforts no one gets anything. So, you have to make efforts if you want to stay healthy and fit. Well, I have a remedy which can help you in this. Yes, an ayurvedic remedy and the name of that remedy is Kumarkalyan rasa.

Kumarkalyan rasa for health is the perfect remedy because this one remedy can cure a host of diseases with so much ease. Through this article you will get knowledge about a perfect aid to your healthy life- Kumarkalyan rasa apart from the Kumarkalyan rasa for health benefits.

Kumarkalyan Rasa for Health

kumarkalyanrasKumarkalyan rasa is an ayurvedic remedy which is used to cure many diseases like fever, breathing troubles, persistent cough, jaundice, rickets, and weakness of the bones, diarrhea, loss of appetite, underweight and congenital heart disease. This remedy also has the ability to enhance the immunity and reduce the upper respiratory infections. It can also cure other ineffectual diseases. You can give this remedy to your children who are weak or suffer from recurrent infections.

This remedy can be used to cure many diseases like physical and Nervine weakness. Delayed milestones can be cured with this remedy. The weakness of the bones and recurrent fever can also be cured with Kumarkalyan rasa. It is said that childhood asthma, breathing troubles, persistent cough are the diseases which can be healed with the use of Kumarkalyan rasa.

Other than these it can also cure anemia, jaundice, recurrent diarrhea, loss of appetite, underweight and congenital heart disease. Let’s see how it works to cure recurrent respiratory infections and general and debility.

Respiratory-Problemss1. Recurrent respiratory infections 

Studies show that 5 to 9 times per year child suffer from seasonal diseases. Actually, in those cases, you don’t need to take any treatment. However, in some children, this infection occurs too frequently like after 15 days on in a month. Kumarkalyan rasa for health is the best remedy and this is because it can boost your immunity because of which your body becomes stronger to fight with bacteria and viruses which are responsible for causing recurrent respiratory infections.

general debility2. General and debility

This is something which Kumarkalyan rasa can cure efficiently. It also can improve digestion, appetite and promotes general well-being. This is the best remedy to cure physical weakness. Kumarkalyan rasa for health is the best cure and I think till the last line you all have understood this fact.

Now, I want to tell you about medicinal properties because of which this remedy becomes more popular and effective. It has immunomodulatory, alternative, adaptongenic, antitussive, anti-asthmatic, cardioprotective, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-stress, and anti-tussive, digestive stimulant, carminative and mild anti-emetic.


Ayurvedic-IngredientsIt contains ras Sindoor, moti Pishti, swarna bhasma, abhrak bhasma, loha bhasma, swarna makshik bhasma and aloe vera juice. Kumar kalian rasa has been used in Ayurveda as medicine for more about 1000 years. This remedy is safe to use until 6 months. This is totally safe but, still, it will be good if you start consuming this medicine after consulting with your doctor. The safe dose of this remedy is one pill one or two times a day before or after a meal. You can consume this remedy with milk, honey or sugar.

So, all in all, whether its fever, general weakness, jaundice, asthma and weakness of bones all the disease can be cured with the help of Kumarkalyan rasa for health. This is the most effective remedy of ayurvedic treatment so use this and stay healthy and fit.