Benefits of using turmeric for indigestion

You might have heard that taking turmeric can help in indigestion and heartburn but is it really true? Can turmeric cure indigestion problem? Is it safe to use turmeric for indigestion problem? This article will give you the answer to all these questions. So, read this article carefully if you are suffering from indigestion problem […]

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How to Cure Bedwetting with Natural Remedies?

Bedwetting or “Nocturnal enuresis” is a process when the person, unintentional and unconsciously do urination in bed while sleeping. Although, it is a matter related to the infants and kids, but, it can happen to people of any age group. This is a common condition if said about the age till 3-5 years. But, if […]

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tooth infection1

How to heal tooth infection with clove oil?

Tooth infections or toothaches are a real pain- literally. They cause really severe pain that is difficult to handle. Toothaches generally occur when a tooth’s nerve root becomes irritated. The most common causes of toothaches are infection, decay, injury and loss of teeth. The good news is that toothaches and tooth infections can be healed […]

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Cough in children

Is a dry cough bothering not letting your baby breathe? Try these natural remedies

Winter is an enjoyable season but along with the fun, it brings infection like common cold, cough, stuffy nose, chest congestion in babies and kids. These symptoms are generated due to cold weather which triggers breathing difficulties in babies. Winter season become more infectious to babies and kids because in winter the viruses and bacteria […]

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stomach pain in children

What stomach pain in children indicates?

Stomach pain is the most common pain which is usually experienced by entire human race at least once in their lives. The main cause of stomach pain is the infection in the small intestine. Normally children do complain to their parents in this concern and parents bring their children to a health care professional from […]

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Top 5 Health Concerns for Children

Every parent has concerned about their child’s health and safety. They always want that their child stays healthy and diseases free. Our 21st – century children face an array of challenges related with many health problems such as physical stress, mental stress, pain, ache, obesity, and many more. Young children seem to be constantly catching […]

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5 Most Common Childhood Illnesses

The 5 Most child mental illnesses

Being sick is a part of childhood and taking care of a sick child is a duty for all the parents. In childhood every child has to suffer some medical problems. In childhood every child has weak immune system, therefore, they can’t be able to fight from different sorts of illnesses. But today we are […]

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Home Remedies For Children’s Colds And Flu

Home Remedies for Children’s Colds and Flu

Food is a good source for your body to fight up from different sorts of infections. It is a part of a body’s defense of bacterial infections. Fever is not a disease but it is a body’s reaction that something is going wrong in your body. Common cold and flu is generally caused by viruses. […]

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