Top 5 Health Concerns for Children

Every parent has concerned about their child’s health and safety. They always want that their child stays healthy and diseases free. Our 21st – century children face an array of challenges related with many health problems such as physical stress, mental stress, pain, ache, obesity, and many more. Young children seem to be constantly catching […]

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5 Most Common Childhood Illnesses

The 5 Most child mental illnesses

Being sick is a part of childhood and taking care of a sick child is a duty for all the parents. In childhood every child has to suffer some medical problems. In childhood every child has weak immune system, therefore, they can’t be able to fight from different sorts of illnesses. But today we are […]

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Home Remedies For Children’s Colds And Flu

Home Remedies for Children’s Colds and Flu

Food is a good source for your body to fight up from different sorts of infections. It is a part of a body’s defense of bacterial infections. Fever is not a disease but it is a body’s reaction that something is going wrong in your body. Common cold and flu is generally caused by viruses. […]

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