Help The Children

There are many ways to help children with mental health disorders. If you are feeling called to help in the lives of children there are many different routes you can take. One way that can benefit children to become a social worker. The role of a social worker can vary from child to child. Some children are in need of a social worker because they are in foster care. Others are in need of a social worker for therapy and cousinling.

Social working is a very rewarding career. It is a way to dedicate your live to helping others. Many children have been through a lot of trauma in their young lives and working with them to help them recover can be very rewarding. Many times they are not even aware of the pain and problems they are holding onto. By helping them you can also feel a sence of pride and joy in yoru own life

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Children's Mental Health Awareness 2014

Children's mental health awareness day will be on May 6th, 2014, held at Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center at the National Harbor near Washington, DC. The reason this event happens every year is to bring awareness to the many mental health issues children are facing. It is important to have positive mental health from birth. Many children are slipping through the cracks with undiagnoised mental disorders.

Children do not always know the signs of mental illness within themselves, so it is the guardens resposibility to take charge of their childrens mental health. If they start to see a difference in their child they should have them examined by a doctor. There does not need to be a stigma on mental health issues anymore and we need to help elminate that by getting our children properaly diagnoised.

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Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

May is Mental Health Month. The National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health again declares the first full week in May, May 4-10, 2008 as National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. The National Federation would like to invite all of its local chapters and statewide organizations to use this week to promote awareness about children’s mental health. Join the national office in sending the following messages:

  • Mental Health is essential to overall health and well being;
  • Serious emotional and mental health disorders in children and youth are real and treatable;
  • Children and youth with mental health challenges and their families deserve access to services and supports that are family driven, youth guided and culturally appropriate; and
  • Stigma associated with mental illness should no longer exist.

You did it! 106,550 Green Ribbons ordered. We have sold out our allotment of ribbons. Thanks to all who participated!!!!! We have smashed through our goal of 100,000 Americans wearing green ribbons during Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. The response has been fantastic. We are hearing from family organizations, human services organizations, schools, churches and individuals wanting to share the message with friends and neighbors. Don't forget to wear your ribbons!

Add your contributions and help us build the website!
Federation Chapters and State Organizations across the nation are meeting weekly to share resources and strategize about the effective methods for promoting Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. Here is a great example ~ The good folks from the Parent Professional Advocacy League in Massachusetts just sent in a truckload of great materials. We are still adding them but take a look at what we have posted so far! Check it out, get inspired and share the good work you are doing!

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day materials just added! Click here to go directly to the SAMHSA site!

Big thanks to our friends at Vanguard Communications (Caring for Every Child's Mental Health Campaign) for making availabile the materials they have developed for System of Care Communities who are organizing Children's Mental Health Awareness Day activities. There is so much we put it in a zip file. Download it and check out the great promotional resources inside.

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